We are a French-Venezuelan couple, Maxime and Carimar. Recently we decided to settle in Venezuela with the idea of ​​doing a social project. For many, the idea of ​​coming to live in a country submerged in such a severe crisis is crazy. The most common comment we hear is that we will not stand here for long. Despite this, the complicated general situation, the economic and environmental instability, we want to identify the roads that already exist in Venezuela, which are viable, support them and propose alternatives. Alternatives to the current lifestyle and the model in which we live. We want other ways of life and other models that allow us to live sustainably in a world with less suffering and more peace.

Reaching these goals means getting rid of the apathy and resignation that hits many people. They are the ingredients of the reproduction of the same. The result is that other spaces are not opened; neither in the mind nor in the country. We are left with the same thing already known that is repeated, and the resignation is reinforced. That leads us to live in a society where there is speculation about everything and at every level of society, becoming more powerful the idea of every man for himself. This individualistic competitiveness is an effect of resignation that creates conformism. In addition to shaping people in this way, resignation is also an accelerator of destruction for all. Leaving no hope for change. 

On the contrary of that individualism that turns many lives into a battlefield, we want something different, we want cooperation and organization instead of competitiveness and fragmentation. We do not want conformity and the usual submission. We must change direction and our way of being. Therefore, in the face of the situation of the country and the environmental situation of the world, we want other ways. We want an escape route, which is also a fight path. Starting the social project with research, struggle and planting, is our strategy so that the vegetables are within our reach, that the land regains its fertility and that our life, in the commitment and community work, regains meaning. These paths to free us from dependencies (from imports and fossil energies), from precariousness, in addition to being a solution to the economic and environmental crisis are viable paths for survival and peace. The social and sustainable alternatives that arise, and that we propose, are the counterpart of a global disorder and can be the basis of a new society.

The blog: Co-creating Sustainable Changes

We know that we cannot do a lot alone, so we decided to create this blog, to share what we want to do and perhaps inspire others to accompany us along the way.

The name of the blog, «Co-creating Sustainable Changes», is the same name of the social project. “Co-creating” because we truly believe that the only way to make significant changes and find solutions to social problems is to work alongside others, without waiting for a leader to come to save us.

With the atomized society as it is we need support groups so that it is possible to overcome the uninhabitable situation in Venezuela for the majority. In these groups we have to learn to work together, without hierarchies or leadership. That can be achieved with cooperation and solidarity. We consider that the impossibility of living in Venezuela, beyond the social and environmental aspects, also has to do with separation and individualism. These collective solutions of survival that we propose try to cure these problems at the root. It is in this way, with solidarity and self-help, that we can launch the basis of a new, resilient and supportive society.

«Sustainable changes» we say, because we don’t want to find fleeting solutions that meet the needs of the moment, without considering the effects that that may have on the environment or our body, rather, we want those changes to be lasting, respectful with the environment and promoters of equality, health and justice.

The two trees connected through their roots that are observed in the logo that we have chosen for the project represent our vision of change, to do so through cooperation, working together with others, mutual support. Just as trees help each other in times of difficulty, we can also get ahead thanks to working together, thinking more in a common way than separate and individual.

If you are interested in knowing more about what we will be doing, you can check our objectives and programs, as well as the information that we will be sharing little by little by this means. If you also want to support us or share information, do not hesitate to contact us.