Our goals are born from the dissatisfaction that we feel that comes from living in a world of abundance and scarcity, where balance and meaning escape. We feel this discomfort in the artificial world that is built at the price of the destruction of the other. The suffering runs in the rivers. It appears in these women who are  despise, these workers who are exploit, these forests that are being burn, the land that is damaged and poisoned. Every day is a new day that carry its lot of suffering and aggressions for all. This damage affects us too, we carry it in us. It is not casual, it is the norm. Suffering is one of the foundations of our two-sided societies: suffering and consumerist enjoyment. Faced with this disorder we say it’s enough. We don’t want to get intoxicated anymore. Our memories and bodies are too loaded. Our objectives are born of rejection.

Also, these objectives are born from an internal search on how to achieve inner peace and less suffering. After hearing a talk by an English economist named Richard Layard about what would be the best society to live in, we decided to share, through our main objective, what he considers necessary to create that better society. He speaks about the fact that although many believe that the best society would be that where there is more economic development, studies have shown that this is not the case. In countries like the United States or England, despite having had an increase in their economic development the levels of happiness have not increased, on the contrary what has increased are the rates of suicide, depression, divorce, among others. Based on that, the economist continues to mention that what is really needed to create a better society is to create a society with less suffering and more peace. And for this society to be possible, millions of people need to fight to achieve that same goal. We share this goal with that economist and we also believe that it is true that to really achieve it we need to take it seriously and be numerous in this fight. Because of this, we enter into praxis to co-create together a world with less suffering and more peace.




Propose and implement solutions that seek to meet our basic needs in a sustainable and healthy way.

Taking into account Venezuelan problems, we will focus mainly on fighting to achieve the following:

  • Contribute to the increase of food sovereignty and the production of healthy food.
  • Contribute to the reduction of garbage in the streets and to the increase of soil fertility.
  • Provide support to low-income families through sustainable living methods.


Empower ourselves together to become agents of sustainable changes.

To achieve this goal we will focus primarily on striving to achieve the following:

Encourage the increase of critical thinking and the level of internal peace of the population.

We will be looking to achieve all these objectives in the city of Mérida, Venezuela. And also we we’ll try to promote some of the programs in Mene Mauroa, a town in Falcón State. If you are interested in understanding a little bit more about what we are doing feel free to check our programs section.